Heavenly Help

A call reaches me from an elderly woman. "Imagine, a priest from Africa is coming to our parish for a year. Now the parish priest was looking for an apartment near the church because the guest did not have a driver's license. Immediately the motto of the day came to my mind: ‘Get out of yourself, create a we!’ It was my turn. I heard from acquaintances: "Find an apartment in our town? You have to be put on a waiting list for 5 years. Mission impossible! I prayed to a deceased priest who had built many bridges in our parish and let him know in heaven: I need your help now! - Then I got on the phone. I got the information that there was a well-furnished apartment available across the street from the church. The occupant passed away a year ago. I reached the owner in a neighbored town. Immediately there was a good atmosphere on the phone. At the end of the conversation, it was clear he would rent the apartment to the African brother. We met in the apartment. I was astonished. Everything needed for a household was there. When I went home it was clear to me: Only help from heaven had made this possible."

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