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World Peace

Early in the morning I woke up. I kept a little silence. I noticed various emotions within me. I decided to give space to the feeling of positivity within me. I felt as if God was ordering all the steps of my day. I wanted to give space to this positive divine dynamic, the Holy Spirit, in me on this day. A phone call. A young teacher told me about the difficult situation in his school after the Palestinian attack on Israel. I felt all his questions and distress. I listened patiently and then gave him some concrete ideas on how to deal with pupils who - in his perception - were quick to make one-sided judgements. "And if you have moved just one student to give up his lack of understanding and his judgments in his heart, then you have lived for world peace. For as world war can start from one man, world peace is starting from that man at this moment," I made him understand. "I never thought about that before. But you are right!" he let me know. "I feel how important it is to keep peace at every moment with those who are close to me at that time!"