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I had heard about the serious illness of a young woman from Rwanda. She had to travel to India for an operation. We were now trying to get the treatment and travel costs together for her. At a retreat, I had told people about the situation of the young African woman, which resulted in a considerable sum being collected. I was delighted to share this experience with the woman's cousin, who lives in Germany. Late in the evening, I received an email: "What you are doing for our family means a lot to us, especially today, on this day: exactly 30 years ago, the terrible genocide began in which we lost our loved ones, especially my cousin, who lost her parents and siblings - her whole family. She recently told me that the hardest thing for her is not being able to remember her mother, even though she was already 15 years old when her mother was killed ... There is still so much that needs to be healed. Your support is invaluable to us. We feel that we are strengthened by your support despite our painful loss. Thank you again for being there for us."