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Precious moments

Early in the morning, we are on our way to a school with the navi4life mobile. After everything is set up, we have breakfast. First contacts with the 28 pupils are made. Our programme begins. All the young people get the logbook "My life - crooked and shiny". They start to work with it, laugh, listen well, exchange ideas. The topic "decision" comes into focus. How does it feel to decide or have decided right and wrong. The two accompanying teachers - both close to retirement - agree to a short interview. "I had a lot of talents in me that I would have liked to develop more. But I always went for the safe route. I came through fine, but somehow, looking back, I'm also sorry I didn't take a chance!" says one of the teachers. "I had a different profession at first, loaded with high ideals. But I quickly sensed that the settings I had to work in would not make me happy. So after thinking about it for a while, I changed my mind. It was not easy! But it was good!" the second told. "It was really great," we hear in the final reflection round, "that our teachers were so honest about themselves and their lives. Thank you for that!" - Precious moments on the way into life.