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My heart is crying!

Pictures of the destroyed children's hospital in Kyiv v reach me. I see children with cancer sitting on the pavements with their mothers. They don't know where to go. I look into their eyes. It is the look of God that speaks from these children's eyes. It is the cry of love looking for an answer. Thirty years ago, it was such a look from a child in the middle of Sarajevo that set me on my track. Much has come from this moment of God. Now it's those looks again. I can only help to a limited capacity. I immediately "dare to take the step" and go to church. I place a candle on the map of Ukraine and silently share all this pain with the many people - in Ukraine, Gaza, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and Sudan ... My heart begins to cry. I can no longer stop my tears... And I feel: God suffers infinitely, he suffers with every one of us. In this my heart finds peace again!