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in between

"Unfortunately I can't come because we'll be on the Aida!" - "I'll be picking up my new customised motorhome!" - And then I read: "I've almost gone mad because nobody can tell me whether I should have another surgery or not!" - "Can you help me for families in Afghanistan, they have nothing left!" - "It's very hot here in Kyiv and we only have electricity for a few hours a day. Yesterday we went swimming in the river. Drones flew overhead. Then we heard explosions. This is my life at the moment!" In the voice mail of a young woman whose family lives in the Gaza Strip, I hear: "I am totally exhausted and deeply sad. My sister's eye was injured by splinters of shrapnel. She can no longer see. There is no more help for her. My parents and my family had to leave the tents next to their destroyed house two days ago. They were displaced and didn't know where to go. They set off by foot. They slept on the street. Unimaginable. I can't say anything more. It's just too sad." - As I do every evening, I hold everything up to God in silence and prayer. "Lord, let the satisfied feel hungry and the hungry be fed!"