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If you do not become like children!

The five wise and five foolish virgins were given to me as a sermon topic. Moritz and his sister Chiara listened to me attentively. So I found the courage to ask them during the sermon whether they thought it was bad that the wise virgins hadn't shared their oil with those who didn't have oil. "No, I don't think so," Moritz told me, "they should have thought of it themselves. Nobody can do that for you." I was amazed by this statement from the fifth-grader. And then he continued talking into the microphone: "We recently did a project for a children's hospice. We found a great saying: 'There's not much time left to live, but this time is to be lived to the full!' That's also the case with the 10 young women, some lived fully, others didn't! Some had oil with them, others didn't." I listened to the little boy spellbound. "If you don't become like the children...!" Amen.