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God has imagination!

I posted a video on the go4peace YouTube channel with the impulse: "Share what is hard for you!" An unexpected number of people got in touch via WhatsApp messages and voicemails. One woman shared her sorrow that her godchild - who had just become a mother - had to go into hospital with serious complications. Another told us about her father in Ukraine and his cancer. She suffered because she was now unable to visit him. A man - who had just been discharged from hospital - let me know that he was not well. More messages kept coming all evening. I went to church with all these people I had been entrusted with and laid each of them individually on God's heart. A message popped up on my mobile phone. A young Afghan wrote: "When my country was recently hit by the severe earthquake, I had a great need in my heart. And it was so good to share this hardship with others. And then I should send you a message from my six-year-old son." I found a voice message and heard from the little boy: "Thank you dear God for giving us Meinolf!" Praying in the church, my eyes filled with tears.