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En francais!

A group of teenagers from a secondary school in our town had joined us in our garden at the Tiny House for a get-to-know-you day as part of a project week. Together with a student who knew the school from her own school days, I had created a colourful, participatory programme for the teenagers. There came a lively, joyful dynamic in the group and, as a small leadership team, the student and I tried to give the young people a lot of personal information about ourselves. Everyone listened attentively and participated. During a question and answer session, a 13-year-old asked me: "You know French. Can you tell me a few sentences? I love listening to it and want to learn it too!" So I said a few complimentary words to her in French and translated them. At the end of the programme, she came over very shyly and let us know: "That was such a great time with you. Thank you!"