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Blessed and enriched

My mobile phone rings - an unknown number. An older woman calls, timid and uncertain. Slowly a conversation develops. "I am the grandmother of a girl who is going to be confirmed!" I hear. Since her granddaughter is a little learning disabled and has a good connection with her grandma, the older woman has made it her goal to teach her granddaughter what was important to her when she was young. Gently, I ask about her values. "You know, I come from Tajikistan. We were deported back then. But that is all history. I am happy to have been in Germany for a long time now. My faith was very important to me on my whole journey. We had no priests and no real church, so we always met to read the Bible and pray together. That was an extremely important anchor for me. And I want my granddaughter, who is growing up in a very different time, to discover this faith too!" Deeply moved, I listen to this elderly woman, encourage her, thank her and explain to her how she can help her granddaughter to log on to the PC. When we say goodbye, we are both blessed and enriched.