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At the end of a service, I am still standing in the church with a group of people. There is a joyful atmosphere among us. A younger man comes into the church with his little daughter. I greet them warmly. "If I can help you in any way, I'd be happy to!" I say. The child's father answers me: "Yes, I also grew up in a church, but now I am a Muslim. But I want my little daughter to get to know and to feel all religions. She would like to light a candle now!" - "Then it's best to do it in the front of our big globe. The candles there burn in the many concerns of this earth!" I let them both know. Later, when the candle is burning, I inform the father about the action " Bridging", which invites people not to close their eyes to the many suffering faces, but to entrust these people to God in a short moment." Then we give the child another lantern that the altar servants have just made. "I am so touched!" says the man. "Thank you for our so honest and lively brief time together!"