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A teacher remembers

There had been a lot of stealing in my class. It soon came out who did it. I was angry. Harsh punishments came to my mind. But that wouldn't help the child. I prayed to the Holy Spirit. I tried to talk to the pupil and asked him to build a bridge with Lego bricks. When it was finished, I explained to him: "Every time you lie or steal, a brick breaks from the bridge of trust between us. At some point, it will be completely destroyed!" In memory of our conversation, I gave him a red Lego brick and put one in my book bag. - Weeks later, another stealing took place. Once again, I tried to talk to the pupil, who vehemently denied the stealing. I sat him down in a quiet place and put my red Lego brick next to him. At the end of the lesson, he came and confessed to the stealing.