Give her the smile of love!

The bell rings. A man asks for the anointing of a woman at the hospital in our town. I change my plans and immediately ride my bicycle to the hospital. Station 5. An assistant leads me to the woman's room. She is responding, but speaks only a few words of German. She finds it difficult to breathe. I sit down at her bedside and look at her silently with a look full of love. Her eyes rest in mine. I have brought her Jesus in the Eucharist and the oil for the sick. When I showed her both, she smiled and immediately began to pray the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary" in Polish. I anoint her with a few words and give her the Holy Bread to eat. Immediately she continues to pray aloud in her mother tongue. There is a knock. Lunch is brought. "She won't eat anything again anyway!" the woman of the food service tells me. I show the sick woman what to eat. A smile crosses her face when see the yoghurt. She has a broken shoulder and can only help herself with difficulties. So I feed her the yoghurt. Spoon by spoon. Each time a light shines in her eyes. When I say goodbye after more than an hour and our eyes have met for a long time, she says: "I love Jesus!" I reply, "Me too!" We part in a deep peace.


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