Only love remains!

A digital meeting at the end of the year was planned. Very few registrations had been received. I felt disappointment in my soul, as I had invested a lot of time again. I was thinking of cancelling the meeting. The day before the meeting, I read in an email: "Three more younger participants have registered!" Immediately I felt the impulse to do the meeting out of love for these young people. I prepared a beautiful PowerPoint presentation. While I was doing this, other young people came to mind. I invited them all via WhatsApp to participate in the digital meeting.  Within a few moments they responded. They were all happy that I had thought of them, even if no one could. "It's my little brother's birthday!" - "I have to help my grandpa pour concrete!" - "My father is getting out of hospital at the exact time of the meeting!" I read in the messages. I felt how my love had reached the hearts of these young people and they had all responded with grateful hearts. At the meeting itself there were seven of us. It became a deep and honest exchange. In the truthful sharing, everyone was able to look deeply into his or her soul. With this joy we said goodbye until the new year!


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Meinolf Wacker
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