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Set a sign for peace!

Make little peace reminders!

Find friends who want to organise a small action for peace (for Ukraine)!

Think about how many peace reminders you want to make and give away!
Get the materials and tools as described in the instructions.
It is best to saw the small pieces of squared wood for the peace reminders to the appropriate length at home and also saw out the small feet for the peace reminders at home. Drill a hole in the wooden feet and in the squared timber.
Then find a place where you want to run the peace action...

at your home, in the garden in front of your house, on a square in the city - ask the city council!, at school - ask the school administration. - And off you go.

Think about whom you want to give a peace reminder! If you like, you can support the "Emergency aid for Ukraine" campaign of the go4peace network.

Here are the bank details:

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IBAN: DE08 4416 0014 5021 3901 01
Dortmunder Volksbank
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