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A family from the Asian region had asked for asylum in our country. Their court hearing took place about 200 kilometers away from Kamen. So we had found a car and a driver for the family to be able to be at the court early in the morning with the three small children. A woman in the town where the court hearing was taking place got the information that the family would come. So she offered to take care of the family at lunchtime. We gladly accepted. A few days later I found a voice-mail: "The meeting with the family was really touching me. The children had played with some wooden toys and later put them back in order in their own way. In the evening, the owner of the toys came home from work.  Immediately she saw that somebody used the toys. Pleased to hear from the children, she said, 'I will now leave this order of the children like this. Then I always remember the family and pray that they can stay in our country.'"

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