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A smile on 5000 faces!

"You must be a peacemaker!" I smile at an elderly woman coming down the stairs in front of Paderborn Cathedral and walking toward the Paradise Portal. "Of course!" she replies, smiling. "May I give them a peacemaker pen?" I ask further. She gladly accepts it and asks, "And how much is it?" - "Nothing, it's for free - just like that. That's the modern word for 'grace'!" I joke. And off we go into a brief wonderful exchange. "Thank you for our such a warm encounter. It will stay with me today during Liborifest!" And on it goes. A family with two small children passes by. I offer them a pen as well. "With this pen you can become peacemakers!" I explain to the children. "If you write good words with the pen, the pen will write really well. When not-so-good words come into play, the index finger you use to hold the pen starts shaking!" - "Is that for real?" the children inquire, looking into the laughing faces of their parents. "Of course!" I reply with a firm tone of conviction. "Try it!" Laughing, we part.

So during the Libori days - standing with our Tiny House directly at the Paradise Portal - we distributed 2000 peacemaker pens and 3000 handkerchiefs with the inscription: "Take me! And dry the tears of the people around you!" People also gratefully took these handkerchiefs in front of the Paradise Portal. "What a beautiful idea, I already know who I will give this to!" and "Keep up the good work!" we were allowed to hear again and again. Many Libori guests were inspired by the short encounter and went on strengthened.